How to Build a Solo Ad Brokerage Business

12 students

Solo ads are nothing more than a form of highly effective advertising. Someone sends out an email to their niche-specific email list, people click on the links in the emails and advertising is delivered to the client.  Advertising is the single largest business segment online totals 269 BILLION dollars in 2019. That’s a big pie, even a small slice of it can make your house payment, buy you a new car or finance that special vacation.

The challenge for most people is the cost of building a list, the learning curve or managing autoresponders, and the challenges of marketing those services.

With this course, we solve most of those problems by teaching how to broker traffic. Basically, you buy and resell, which eliminates most of the issues related to running a Solo Ad business. This is a free course from a millionaire solo ad seller.

You will also receive a 20% discount coupon when you complete the course.